Autumn night

When the wood burns and tar smells in the bow of the boat on the river, the rush is gone. There is only fire and around endless darkness it is like a meditation of peace. Thirty-year-old men are fishing with traditions respecting the Finnish writer Kalle Päätalo in ancient times. He was able to write about the meaning of the river to people almost 40 books before death. The name of the river is Iijoki. The name comes from an old Sami word ('iddja', 'ijje'), which means 'night'. Night-River, or Iijoki, flows through the small village, Yli-Ii. In the light of fire, fishing is a hundred years old tradition, which hardly many people even understand. They build their own wooden boats, collect the tar wood and fishing. This is also a statement about traditions and the preservation of certain values.

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