Janne Korkko

Janne Korkko

Photography means more to me than just doing it: it is as important as breathing and living. I switched in documentary shooting seven years ago. Image has always been an important form of narrative but I wanted it to show the touch of life and humanity that define my ideas. Socially important and difficult topics that are approachable make me work. I feel I have a mission.

I've been professionally acclaimed for my work. For example my photo was chosen in The European photography 100 book in 2016. I am proud and humbled as well as grateful. Things  that have touched me, touched them, too. That is the stories, the interaction with people that developed to the eye to see.


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Janne Korkko: Money State Community, 2015. "This photo was taken in Sierra Leone, in a place called the Money State Community. Ebola had disrupted the lives of the people here; many of them died. The adjacent cemetery was filled with its victims; everyone was afraid of becoming infected, or of being killed in some other way . . ." Read the full story in European Photography #100, "Talking Photography – 100 Pictures that Tell a Story", now available at www.equivalence-shop.com

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