Janne Korkko




Finland, 1981

Janne uses documentary photography to explore complex social issues, seeking visual approaches to storytelling that help audiences connect with his subjects and their experiences. He values collaborative approaches and works internationally on long-term documentary projects. He also shoots on assignment for Magazines and NGO´s. He works has published in New York Times, The Washington Post, Suomen Kuvalehti, Helsingin Sanomat. He studying master level of Photography in Aalto-university. 

Photography means more to me than just doing it: it is as important as breathing and living. I switched in documentary shooting 10 years ago. Image has always been an important form of narrative but I wanted it to show the touch of life and humanity that define my ideas. Socially important and difficult topics that are approachable make me work. I feel I have a mission. I am proud and humbled as well as grateful. Things that have touched me, touched them, too. That is the stories, the interaction with people that developed to the eye to see.


     2017 Siena international photo award, Title:"War Of Silence"Award:Remarkable Artwork 

     2016 European photography 100, 2016. (Sierra Leone ebola crisis).

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