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Young and Brave

From the beginning, I was fascinated by the status of artists in Mosul, during and after Isis. It is very natural that I will also shift my focus to Baghdad. The same great artists I met in Mosul are now calling for a better society on the streets of Baghdad. I spent time in the protesters camps and heard and saw what was really happen. I listened to the artists' thoughts on the situation and followed their efforts in demonstrations. Everyone has the same aspiration. A more stable society.

Photos takes the viewer close to the demonstrators' everyday life and witnesses the course of events. I have a very deep desire to see and understand the gravity of the situation. I has lived, eaten, slept, and shared with their happy and sad moment. I felt what is mean to be without right, homeless, poor, without power, disable, and blind. I was there and listened.

Despair is the thing that it comes to mind first of all. People want fundamental rights, and that's why people of all ages stay on the square. Protests have become a duty for all ages.

Baghdad, Tahrir Square has restless atmosphere. Huge peaceful protests every day, they remembering martyrs who died in the demonstrations. Near the square there is a front line. tuk-tuk vehicles are transporting the wounded to first aid tents. I has lived and made friends with amazing people out there such as student who left their school, University, and college. They have a deep believe on their Revolution according to them.

Guns sounds at night on the streets, people are distressed. Human ignorance and fears are truly present. Frustration and fatigue are sensed in people's faces and conversations. Bullets are removed from the wounded without proper pain relief or hygiene. Doctors, nurses and assistants are tired of the enormous workload. The situation is really awkward. There seems to be no response to this problem.

The protests have continued for a long time and the situation has become intolerable. It is evident in a climate of tension and a threat of violence among them. There is a shortage of all supplies and basic supplies are in the hands of volunteers. By the end of my trip I felt I am a part of them. I felt more freedom out there more any other place.

The day I want to come back to Finland, it was very hard for me and it was like I leave my family behind me. These Demonstrators they hosted and treated me as I was one of them. I saw the true Iraqi through the eyes of these I lived with. They gave all the have to make comfortable.

Now, these Demonstrators faces the worse pandemic that entire world afriad of, they organises their self and they protest their self from Corona. The Korona forced people to isolate themselves, and many protesters drove to the worse because they had serious illnesses.

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