Money State Guys

I've been doing this for a whole three years now in Sierra Leone. The project tells the life of former child soldiers after the war. I wanted to find people whose lives the war has affected most strongly. Some of the men have found work and can build their lives and therefore, to be part of society. Men can be a part of society by working in a morgue, and a pathologist Mr. Koroma has wanted to give a chance. They are like his own sons. Very loyal. Some of the men have drifted far from society to build their own society. Money a state community living in the landfill. the project is interesting and at the same time it tells the story of Sierra Leone very much. I think men are a metaphor for society as a whole. Ebola was a serious blow to the country, and it took development back to the Stone Age. The project of the men died ebola and it is difficult to project a lot.

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Janne Korkko: Money State Community, 2015. "This photo was taken in Sierra Leone, in a place called the Money State Community. Ebola had disrupted the lives of the people here; many of them died. The adjacent cemetery was filled with its victims; everyone was afraid of becoming infected, or of being killed in some other way . Read the full story in European Photography #100, "Talking Photography – 100 Pictures that Tell a Story", now available at

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