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People don’t talk about the bloody civil wars (1989–2003) that destroyed Liberia and Sierra Leone. No proper memorials have been built, not a day has been dedicated to the memories.

The collective trauma has left a big wound that condemns Liberia and Sierra Leone to an eternal feeling of abandonment.

Gibril Massaquoi is the former spokesperson of the RUF, the Revolutionary United Front, that committed horrible acts in the Sierra Leone civil war. He was arrested in Finland under suspicion of war crimes committed in Liberia. Before that, he had spent about ten years in Finland. He was charged with countless aggravating war crimes. The detention order was a clear message to the world. Finland will not, under any circumstances, allow people who are suspected of war crimes to live in the country without a crime investigation.

By adopting this plan of action, Finland has taken steps to help the countries out of the trauma of silence. Massaquoi and thousands of other commanders exploited their power ruthlessly, and his inner circle only cared about financial gain. Massaquoi is well-known and well-remembered.

How do people experience the world when they were forced to go to war as children? The state could best be described as limbo. Metaphorically, limbus refers to a state of oblivion or permanent uncertainty – a prison-like state. Limbus is an intermediate state, like the hazy boundary after death and before birth. It could be a certain type of state with no place and no time. It could be emptiness that feels endless. Opposites, like beautiful and ugly, alive and dead, conscious and unconscious, are also connected with the limbic system, emotion regulation, motivation, and brain structures that are involved in various autonomic functions. 

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